About Create Hub


CREATE Hub provides opportunities for people across the Riverina, specifically young people, to dream, create and explore their own creative interests with  likeminded people.

Create Hub’s venue is at 10 Chaston Street, Wagga Wagga, and consists of creative programs for young people, school programs, community programs, weekly workshops for adults and bespoke creative experiences incorporating the wonderful people, artists and culture from across our diverse region.

The core aim of Create Hub is to provide people from the Riverina with access to high quality creative experiences in an environment where they feel comfortable, supported and challenged to think outside the square. We are participant led and creatively fuelled.

Our after school creative programs for Primary Aged students for young people who want to further explore their creativity. The program includes specific arts and drama based activities, but is more generally about learning to be a creative thinker and working beautifully in a group with other creative thinkers. The group will have a hand in steering the direction of the classes, really focusing on their interest areas and skills they want to develop and will culminate in a student curated exhibition for family and friends.

Our Adult Weekly classes on Thursday nights, provide a super relaxed environment to explore various artforms, while having a glass of wine and a chat.

We also partner with service providers, councils, not-for-profits and small art organisations to design projects for young people with positive social outcomes. We have years of experience working within funded programs and delivering large scale community projects that place young people at the centre. If you have an idea or a dream project, please get in touch.

If you have a creative idea that you would like to discuss, are a venue that would like to host a group of wonderfully creative people in your space, or just want to get involved, please contact Creative Director Claire Harris, at createhubriverina@gmail.com or 0405 061 341.