Adult Term 4 Class

THURSDAY 6-8pm, Ages 18+, 2 Hour class

Thursdays 6-8pm, 15 October 2020 – 17 December 2020

Instructors: Kate Bower, Elaine Camlin, Beverley Harris & Adrienne deBruyn

Cost: $350 per term ($35 per two hour session) Includes all supplies, tuition and snacks.

You asked for it so we delivered! I mean, why should the kids get ALL the fun? Check out these amazing four local artists’ work below.

Week 1 – Thursday 15th October, 6-8pm

Kate Bower – Watercolour #1

In this first watercolour session we will learn the basic watercolour techniques such as wet on wet vs wet on dry, working from light to dark, blending, bleeding and layering whilst creating simple artworks. We will combine these techniques with some mindful art practices and discover just how meditative, immersive and relaxing watercolour painting can be.

Week 2 – Thursday 22nd October, 6-8pm

Kate Bower – Watercolour #2

Here we will build on what we discovered in lesson one to put together a final piece. This session will be flexible, depending on the outcome the participants want to achieve. Some ideas for topics covered include watercolour lettering, watercolour florals and abstract watercolour ideas.

Week 3 – Thursday 29th October, 6-8pm

Beverly Harris – Mixed Media #1 Making Papers for Mixed Media

Beverley Harris is a local artist and has been painting in her bold, contemporary style for nearly 40 years. In this workshop participants will learn how to create a range of textured paper for use in collage and mixed media. We will experiment with a variety of mediums and each create a stack of papers to use in week 2. This is a messy class, wear old clothes!

Week 4 – Thursday 5th November, 6-8pm

Beverly Harris – Mixed Media #2 Developing a Mixed Media Artwork

Following on from the previous week, participants will use their textured papers to create their own contemporary, mixed media artwork. We will fuse collage, acrylics, oil pastels and inks using layering techniques, painting and learning skills on developing a mixed media artwork from scratch.  

Week 5 – Thursday 12th November, 6-8pm

Adrienne de Bruyn –  Weaving #1, Starting a wall weaving, basic knot techniques & choosing colours and textures

Adrienne is a local fibre artist who specialises in bright, contemporary wall weavings and creating works from recycled fabric and yarn. In this beginner weaving workshop, you will learn how to start your wall weave, practice Rya knots and tabby weave, and look at choosing a colour palette and textures that work together in a finished weave.

Week 6 – Thursday 19th November, 6-8pm

Adrienne de Bruyn –  Weaving #2, Wall Weaving Completion

This week we will work together to finish our fabulous wall weaves. You will learn how to finish off your weave, tidy up all those loose ends and get it ready to hang on your wall.

Week 7 – Thursday 26th November, 6-8pm

Elaine Camlin – Drawing Fundamentals, Nature and Still Life

Elaine is a local artist and printmaker. In this drawing session she will guide you in the fundamentals of still life drawing. As a group we will explore line, tone and texture to create a sustained work using paper, charcoal, pencils, watercolour and collage.

Week 8 – Thursday 3rd December, 6-8pm

Elaine Camlin – Painterly Prints

Using the skills developed during the drawing fundamentals session, develop a series of expressive monoprints. A fabulous way to experiment with painterly mark making!

Week 9 – Thursday 10th December, 6-8pm

Kate Bower – Art Journaling your way to self discovery

Art journaling is such a fun and non-intimidating way to dip your toes into creative waters. There are so many ways to approach art journaling and there is no such thing as right or wrong. Art journaling can be used as therapy, for playing and experimenting or as a way to create beautiful pages using paints, collage, mark making and more. Art journaling takes you on a journey of self discovery and can very quickly become a habit you enjoy incorporating into everyday life.

Week 10 – Thursday 17th December, 6-8pm

Kate Bower – Christmas Party, Christmas Creations and Gift Giving (Donations to local charity, chosen by the group)

In 2019 Kate held this fabulous workshop with great success, each participant brings along a small gift and together we will create wrapping paper, heart-warming cards and practice our brush lettering to put together a beautifully presented gift for somebody less fortunate this Christmas. We will also have our own little end of year Christmas party, to wave GOODBYE to 2020 (WHATTA YEAR!) so be sure to bring your vino and wear your favourite Christmas t-shirts.

Bookings to Claire at

Please make payment to Claire Harris BSB: 062 692 Acc: 4109 3705 using your name as reference prior to commencement of term.