HUB TEMPO is a music development and mentoring program aimed at young musicians (12-18) that focuses on developing performance and song-writing skills and generating local performance opportunities.

The program includes an in-depth workshop and mentoring program by local musician Leah Ellis. It will also include jam sessions, performance opportunities and platforms for young musicians to connect, and create. The program will be free of charge to participants through an EOI process. It is targeted at young people who have some musical skills, but may have never written their own work, or performed before.

HUB TEMPO EOI CLOSES FRIDAY 29 NOVEMBER, email your form to Claire at

HUB TEMPO 2020 WORKSHOP SCHEDULE (please note that jam sessions, gigs and extra workshops will be scheduled once we meet participants, these are the CORE workshops sessions) Saturday February 8 – Introductory Session Saturday Feb 29 – Session 2 Saturday March 28 – Session 3 Saturday April 18 – Session 4 Saturday May 23 – Session 5 Saturday June 20 – Session 6 For more information please call Claire Harris on 0405 061 341 ABOUT LEAH ELLIS Leah Ellis has been building rapport with young people through music workshops in the Riverina for 2 years. She is dedicated to helping young performers build confidence and self-esteem so they can explore, depict and celebrate their experiences, take creative risks and challenge their own creativity. In doing this she aims to teach skills which will foster a lifetime of good technique and improvement. In this program she hopes to pass on knowledge and understanding in controlling and applying the elements, skills, processes, forms, styles and techniques of songwriting and performance. She is dedicated to creating a safe space for her workshops, with no anti-social behaviours tolerated, and encourage students of all levels to participate and encourage each other.