All ages, ages 5-8 will need to do this with an adult, ages 8+ should be able to follow some online instruction independently but my need you within ear shot to help.

I love to weave, I love yarn and I LOVE POM POMS. I find the tactile nature of weaving and playing with yarn is particularly great for kids that crave sensory experiences, or need a little extra focus. For me it’s equivalent to meditating. My sister is a fabulous weaver and she has taught me many tips and tricks to pass on to willing students.

This kit will include 2 basic weaving projects that don’t need any needles (little fingers are fine!), uses a basic paper plate and a piece of dowel, and include yarn of al thicknesses and textures, fabric strips and beads.

The end result of weave #1 looks like an eccentric jellyfish! (some say it looks like dream catcher, but I prefer the image of a kooky underwater creature), all you’ll need is a pair of scissors. Weave #2 is a gorgeous wall hanging that looks super elaborate, while being really easy to create using only a couple of knotting techniques.


The Pom Pom making demonstration below can be used to make pom poms for either one of your weaves, I personally love it on the stick weave but you can also hang them from your plate weave. In the kit I have included three rolled pieces of yarn to make pom poms, littler kids may need assistance with the knotting and pulling the yarn really tight. And… excuse the stroppy two year old in the video, this is the reality of working from home during a pandemic.

The next two videos are 1) Weaving kit intro and Plate Weaving Tutorial, and 2) Stick Weaving Tutorial. ENJOY! And… message me if you get stuck.